Knowledge @ Noon – Importance of Place: ArtFarm and Beyond

Speaker Natalie Nelson, Juror of ArtFarm 2021, discusses connections of farming, art, and the significance of place.

Wednesday, October 8, 2021

Noon-12:45pm | Free & Open to the Public

LIVE online

The Yolo Arts “ArtFarm” provides the opportunity to artists and farmers to share the beauty of our local farms. This year’s juror, Curator Natalie Nelson, talks about the meaning of place and the intersection of agriculture and art, as represented by selected artworks in the ArtFarm exhibit at the Barn Gallery. These photographs and paintings represent a unique viewpoint into the people, places, and agricultural products of Yolo, showing the public both a micro and a macro view of life on our farms.

In her talk, she’ll share her own connection to farm life, and her family’s deep roots in farming in the Midwest. This interest in the land is reflected in her own artwork, which is intimately connected to our experience of nature and sense of place. As she writes, “A large part of my exploration is capturing the environment in which we live. Thus most of my work has vague traces of plant and animal life, such as nests, seeds, branches, taken from local and national parks, as well as daily walks in my suburban neighborhood. In collecting these natural objects in my environment, I aim to tap into the record of a specific place.” She’ll share a few of her collages and assemblages with the public, talking about the insights she’s gained as an emerging artist.

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