YoloArts and Gallery 625 present: Stuck Together and Torn Apart: Process and Printmaking in the Pandemic

The pandemic lockdown compressed people together for extended periods, and at the same time forced people apart though social distancing and separation from family and friends. Fourteen artists exhibiting in the new Gallery 625 show, Stuck Together and Torn Apart: Process and Printmaking in the Pandemic, explore these opposing themes using a variety of printmaking processes. This first show of 2022 opens on February 4 at YoloArts’ Gallery 625.

The artists featured in the show are:

Shunsuke Ando, Sandra Beard, Zach Clark, Zen Du, Chris Kidd, Joanna Kidd, Dixie Laws, Sara Post, Susan Silvester, Nikki Thompson, Summer Ventis, Katherine Venturelli, Rebecca Wallace, and Emily Wilson.

The exhibit includes dozens of prints and three-dimensional handmade artist books working in etching, screenprint, lithography, monotype, woodcut, collagraph, risograph, collage, and chine-collé.  Many of the artists are members of the California Society of Printmakers, a non-profit arts organization that promotes the practice and appreciation of fine art contemporary printmaking.

“This exhibit showcases an exciting range of artwork and themes by artists who are exploring new processes during the pandemic which, for many of them, has resulted in more time in their studios.” said Janice Purnell, YoloArts creative director.

Stuck Together and Torn Apart: Process and Printmaking in the Pandemic opens February 4 at YoloArts’ Gallery 625 in Woodland.

In her artist statement for the show, Susan Silvester says, “When I was asked to enter my work in this exhibit, it fit the theme so perfectly. One of the processes I use is called chine-collé. This is done by gluing a thinner more translucent paper onto a thicker paper. I was able to express the isolation and separation from friends and family that I’ve been experiencing. Also, giving new meaning to older work that has been stored in my flat file is very satisfying.”

Interdisciplinary artist Zen Du, has a personal connection to the theme of the show and says in her artist statement, “My interests are concentrated on the recognition of the ordinary dignity rooted in practices permeating people’s daily life. The work presented in the show ‘Stuck Together and Torn Apart’ was created while coping with my divorce.”

The artists will attend the opening reception, 5:30-8 p.m. Friday February 4, coinciding with the downtown Woodland First Friday event. Music will be performed by Julie Dachtler on the piano and light refreshments will be available. Face coverings are recommended in the gallery for all guests in accordance with the most recent recommendations from the Yolo County Health Officer.

The artwork can also be viewed (and purchased) online at yoloarts.org/online-galleries.

Stuck Together and Torn Apart continues at Gallery 625 through March 29

Gallery 625 hosts exhibitions and receptions every other month. New exhibitions typically open on the first Fridays of February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Gallery 625 is located at 625 Court Street in Woodland, in Yolo County’s Erwin Meier Administration building and is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. For more information, contact YoloArts at 530-309-6464.

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