YoloArts serves as the art consultant for the County of Yolo and any other entity who requests public art administration. We provide the facilitation of selecting, commissioning, placing, maintaining and de-accessing public works of art. We promote a community based process built on models used by arts organizations throughout the U.S.

Yolo County Juvenile Detention Facility Gymnasium & Visitor Center

Together We Rise

Valerie Theberge

Glass mosaic, 2017

Together We Rise speaks to the complexity and inter-connectivity of all our lives. The phoenix birds symbolize the youth as part of the fabric of the society; they are supported, interconnected, and an important part of the community. They are rising in an upward trajectory as they learn to reclaim their future.

Photography by Susan Bovey

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The Gallery at Woodland Heathcare

Curated by Yoloarts


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Phil Dynan & Ana Nelson

September 20- November 28, 2018

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Hospital 1st floor

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Woodland, CA