Art & Ag February 2024, Mariani Nut Company, Winters


The Art & Ag Project started off a new year with an exclusive tour of the Mariani Nut Company at their Buckeye facility in Winters. Many  thanks to their hosts and tour guides, Kristen Holden, Senior Brand Manager; Austin Calvert, Project Planner; and Lacey De La Torre, Projects Coordinator.







Artists observed the walnuts up close as they made their way through the screening, sorting, and processing operation.







Afterwards the artists convoyed to one of Marini’s nearby almond orchards where they had the opportunity to paint and photograph among the blossoms.  YoloArts is grateful to Mariani Nut Company for putting together this unique experience for the artists!

Mariani Nut Company was founded in 1972 by cousins Jack and Dennis Mariani who came from the Santa Clara Valley. Looking for new farming opportunities, they found a similar micro-climate in Winters. The company began as a small processor that mainly handled the walnuts from its own orchards. Jack’s brother Martin joined later in the same decade and helped the family venture into the almond industry. Mariani nuts are distributed throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

To learn more visit Mariani Nut Company’s website HERE +

Group Portrait by: Charles Vincent McDonald
Mariani Nut Company processing facility and orchard photographs by: Carol Basey

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