Art & Ag March 2024, Abele Farms


Three Generations on Abele Farms.

MaryJo Giovannetti, Lucas Holleron (son), Adele Daily (mother).

Photographer Bryan Wysong


In March, Art & Ag artists enjoyed all the elements from sunny skies to rain clouds! Our thanks to MaryJo Giovannetti for hosting and letting us explore the historic barns and rolling hills of their farm. The stunning 360-degree views of Yolo County were worth the trip.


Abele Farms is a quaint family-owned property that has thrived for 6 generations. This working ranch is tucked against 500 acres of beautiful rolling hills and surrounded on three sides by orchards of almond trees. Since 2020 this scenic country venue has hosted weddings and other milestone celebrations.

MaryJo Giovannetti manages these events."I started the venue after hosting weddings and other events for family members. I realized I wanted to offer this unique location and bring more people out to the homestead. I love sharing the history of the farm and the beauty of the country with guests."


MaryJo comes from a long legacy of family farmers which all began with her great grandfather, John Bemmerly, who originally homesteaded here in the 1850s from Germany. Family history says he travelled overland from New York in a covered wagon which can still be seen on display at the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in Coloma, CA. " He was a brilliant man who was quite self-sufficient and grew everything from row crops to sunflowers."

Bemmerly also built his original home which is now the signature 'little red house' where he and his wife Agnes had four children. MaryJo lives in the main house with her son, Lucas, while her mother Adele lives nearby in a house on the hill where the cattle come to graze during winter and springtime.


Learn more about Abele Farms +

Photos Courtesy of Mike Blanchard (Upper Right), and Michael Dunlavey (Upper and Lower Left).

Other photos courtesy of YoloArts.

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