Gallery 625 Presents: Unbridled

Unbridled will feature the artwork of Mary Aiu, Margaret Kronenberg, and Susan von Borstel in a multimedia exhibition that includes oil paintings on travertine stone, photomontages, and photographs. The show’s meet the artists reception will be held May 5 at YoloArts’ Gallery 625 in Woodland.

Unbridled explores the passion held by these artists for the unbridled beauty of horses.

Excerpts from the artists’ statements for the show include:

Margaret Kronenberg, Woodland: “I have been madly in love with horses since I can remember and never pass up an opportunity to be near them, to touch them, take in their scent, listen to the sounds they make. They are incredibly impressive loving creatures that have a curiosity that surprises some. I love the velvet touch of their nose, their intelligent gaze and their sweet affection. To me they are God’s perfect creature, they help us cultivate our fields, ease the minds of those that are challenged, excite with their strength and speed and are a companion. I believe that music and technology has influenced my work and the way I look at the world, by being meticulous, I like to get up close and personal and see the horse in ways that are not the norm.”

Susan von Borstel, Davis: “Several years ago, while riding horses with a group in Southern Spain I became intrigued by the patterns in old stone walls and walkways. Like seeing images in clouds I began imagining images of horses, animals and scenes in these old worn stones. I worked with chemists to develop an archival process for painting on stone, whether very hard like granite and marble or softer like onyx, travertine or slate. After developing a hanging system, I took several to an art show. All five sold while I was hanging them. I’ve been creating them with great joy ever since. Since the patterns in stone often suggest horses and other animals in unusual positions I use my “artist’s license” to distort or simplify them so they aren’t photographic but work with the stone’s unique texture and pattern. It seems our subconscious minds enjoy filling in the details of paintings. For me the stone’s patterns are always inspiring new ideas.”

Mary Aiu, Suisun Valley: “My imagery reflects my ideals about beauty and emotional connections, and horses are my favorite source for inspiration. I am a spectator in their world, awaiting the moment to capture the splendor of the unbridled horse in motion, their interactions among the herd, or their relationships within the human world. With this body of work, loves labor begins behind the lens to capture the exuberance of the horse in motion, a dance to be viewed, with each horse having their own unique flair. I am fascinated by trees, and the wondrous spaces defined by them, and through my mind’s eye I can share these places with the breath of the horse and their hoofs on the run. With the aid of the computer, I am able to work beyond the camera capture to blur the lines between the imagery and the imagined and reshape my work on a more personal level. My artistic intent is to evoke a feeling, that takes you along for the ride with this magnificent animal to share the magic among the trees or the spirit of the horse on the run, a moment born through my imagination, and their being.

Unbridled opens May 4 and continues through May 30. A meet the artist reception will be held from 5:30 – 8 p.m. Friday, May 5, during the downtown Woodland First Friday Art Walk. Roy Country Band will be performing traditional and home-grown country music from 5-7:30 p.m. YoloArts board members Beth Jackson and Debra Gonella will host the reception. A members only exhibition preview will be held from 5-6 p.m.

Gallery 625 is located at 625 Court Street in Woodland, in Yolo County’s Erwin Meier Administration building and is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and by appointment. For more information contact YoloArts at 530-309-6464.

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